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Care About Cerebral Palsy Children, SCIC Students Offer Love by Running
Hits:2065   Public Date:Monday, July 2, 2012

 At 9:00, May 20th, 2012, the donation ceremony and running for offer compassion activity that held by the Sino-CanadianInternationalCollege, launched at the north space of the comprehensive building. Vice-dean Fan of Angles' House attended this ceremony; some patients' parents were invited.

 It is reported that, till the press time, according to this activity, about 21,000RMB was collected, including 9,000 RMB which was personally donated by Prof. Rong Shouyu, CEO of Canadian Foundation Center for International Education which is the Canadian cooperation ofSino-CanadianInternationalCollege. All this funds will donate to Angles' House---- the charitable organization that devote to the recovery of cerebral palsy children.

 According to Liuchang, the president of SCIC Youth Volunteers Association, this activity was jointly held by SCIC Youth Volunteers Association and international teachers. Every student only donated at least 20RMB, can he/she took part in this5000kmrunning activity. The route covered the whole campus ofGuangxiUniversity, the furthest to the Xinjian College of Science and Liberal Arts. About 20 international teachers and hundred of students took part in this activity.  

 Running for Offering Love

About 9:00, three international teachers leaded students to do some warming up and lit the scene atmosphere. Just at this moment, Prof. Rong Shouyu, the Honor Dean of SCIC, "land from the air". He appreciated SCIC students’ paid back society and helped others and encouraged them to keep on. He also said he would donate 9,000RMB for these kids.

 He said to the author that:" Being university students, first they should be social beings, then university students. Being a human being, one should sympathy for the weak, try his/her best to help others; as a university student, his/her should not only study but also have thoughts, kindhearted, make contributions to society. Personally I will try my best to offer help from various aspects."

 On behalf of the Angles' House, Vice-Dean Fan expressed his thankful to students. After that, one international announced the opening of the long-distance race, and students sent out one after another. 

 Under the burning sun and the30 ℃  high heat ofNanning, students all in sweat but they kept on running. Some of cerebral palsy children sit on the wheelchair, and pushed by their parents and volunteers; some of them were assisted by volunteers, they finished the whole route slowly.

 At every crossroad, there will be an international teacher who worn in the reflective vest, just look like traffic policeman. They stop traffic temporarily, showed students direction and encouraged them. It was Gene, who came fromAustralia, about 50 years old and very outgoing, at the first crossroad. Under the burning sun, he shouted to several students that rushed by:" Good morning, glad to see you." He also made joke to them:"You are running too fast, like FBI”Due to spoken in such a high voice, his voice was hoarse, but he told the author excitedly:" I want to help those kids, they are so poor. I don't feel tire at all." 

 At 9:50, the first student reached to the terminal point. From grade two, SCIC, this student Liu said:" I fond of running, and this time it is very meaningful, it can help those kids. I hope that through this activity, more and more people can pay attention to cerebral palsy children. I will take any chance to take part in it again, I will also encourage classmates join into us."  

Philip, one of principals, told the author that:"Nanningcitizens are very friendly; we want to do something for them. We want to help these lovely kids. Our students should not only run to help but also to fully enjoy this activity." 

After the long run, the three international teachers sent up the electronic keyboard, guitar and held a mini concert, the scene atmosphere lit up once more.

The mainly sponsors of this activity came from the international teachers that employed by theCanadianFoundationCenterfor International Education (CFCIE) for theSino-CanadianInternationalCollege. As the CEO of CFCIE, Prof. Rong was heartfelt proud of and felt luck to have such a grateful international teachers group. He found the hope for the cerebral palsy children as lot of people paid attention to and support them. He believed that through so many people’s efforts, the cerebral palsy children will have a better tomorrow.   

Background Information: The Angles' House

Xiaoxin is eleven years old, the starving oxygen when he was born led to his cerebral palsy.  His IQ is lower than normal children; he cannot walk steady and speak with a lisp. However, the author can tell he has a lively nature; he told the author about his name and posed the Ultraman gesture in front of the camera.

His mother Mrs. Zhong told the author, Xiaoxin is her only child. Her family is very poor; she afraid if she gave birth to another child, the family will have no money to support the treatment. It is a heavily burden for them to pay 600RMB to Angles' House every month. She said:" We cannot gave him a better therapeutic milieu for us getting older and older and don't have a stable income. He has no brothers and sisters; we worry about that if someday we pass away, no one will take care of him. I hope he can master the viability through the treatment here, so that he can live by himself without us."  

 Xiaoxin cannot understand his mother's worry, he told the writer the Ultraman story excitedly. Mrs. Zhong said:" If I don't buy the Ultraman toy for him, he will angry withme." she pretended to stare at Xiaoxin by saying this, he laughed out and said:"I want an Ultraman."

Shi Shaobo, the manager of the communications officer, introduced that the Angles' House was established on June 1st, 2002, it was a civilian-run unprofited organization that approved by the Department of Civil Affairs. Now there are scores of patients in the children community and adult community respectively and about one hundred people in the Door -to-Door service center. He said that:" The Angles' House helps the cerebral palsy patients to master viability by mainly offer them service such as treatment, recovery, education and psychological guidance and so on. If there are some needed families, we can help them to get some sponsor and relieve their burden. "

  Mrs. Zhong said:" My son cannot walk before, and was very shy. But two years in Angles' House, now he can walk. However, now he cannot speak very clear, I hope him can make a greater advance in the future."

  A cerebral palsy child who was about seven or eight years old was sit on the grassland, the mouth water nearly drip off his mouth. A thin and dark girl grasped a piece of paper, run to him and helps him to wipe up with a big smile. The writer recorded this touching scene by photo.

    Here by, the author appealing all of us pay more attention to the cerebral palsychildren and offer them more help. Their IQ cannot compare with our IQ but they are purer and kinder than us. We have responsibility to make those wing-broken angles feel about the warm and love of this world. The foreigners that come from all corners of the world can stretch out their help hands, being the fellow countrymen why should we waiting for.


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