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Angel, Uncle Sam Proud of You
Hits:2158   Public Date:Monday, July 2, 2012

  At 15:40, June 16th,2012, the Uncle Sam's English House    (USEH) filled with jollification, the colorful ballons in the corridor made people felt like dreaming while a plate read " Warmly Welcome to Angel’s Arts Show " posted on the glass gate. This days was Angel's art show, she is one of  USEH  students. The theme of the show is "Happy as Flowers", it is no wonder that why everyone who set foot in  USEH  had to worn a handmade flower. The gorgeous flowers just like the big smile on children's face.

  Angel is one of the USEH students, now she studies in Beijing University  subsidiary  primary school grade two class one. In order to boost her confidence and encourage her kindness, USEH undertook this arts show for her. The guests including teachers from her school, her classmates and their parents. The total number is more than 30.

  After the introduction made by the host Susan, the arts show started. Chris, the Sino-assistant principal, on behalf of USEH extended his warmly welcome to the guests and made a brief introduction of the USEH characteristics and educational faith. He welcomed every teacher or parent who has educational thoughts and experience to communicate the direction of children English education.

  Angel's class adviser teacher Liu attended the arts show and made a speech. Teacher Liu highly commented Angle by saying:" Luo ZhengyingAngelis a smart child, she is a considerate child, but she is more a grateful child. I am proud of having such a student."

     The USEH TA sang the song Proud of You for Angel. The melody showed their whishes to her “I can flyI'm proud that I can flyTo give the best of mineTill the end of the time”. With this song, Angle came to the front of stage with the host. She introduced one of her best love painting Dream of Peas . She said that" My dream is to fly freely, just like the seven peas in this painting. They have different expressions which stand by different moods, but on matter what the mood is, be able to fly is the happiness, just like me now..." Everyone was touched by her words. 

  The introductions made by Angel's parents rocked every guest's heart. Her mother said that:" I don't know how to be a good mother before, but now I want to make up the missing things by doing anything." Her father told that:" My daughter knew about I came back fromGuangzhouat night to prepare for her arts show, she said to me 'Daddy, you worked so hard, I must work harder in future.' When I heard it, I felt no matter how pain and tired I was before, it is worthing. "All guests' eyes got wet by these plain but pure sentences. Everyone signed with the greatness of the parents' love, but more with the profound heart of thanksgiving that Angel has in such a young age. All USEH staff were proud of to have such a student. When Angel heard about what her parents said to her, she couldn't help herself and filled with tears. Everyone extended their most sincere wishes to her family by clapping hands. 

  In the first part of the show, everyone enjoyed the fruits, cakes and drinks that prepared by USEH. Parents talked with each other the experience and feelings about raising kids, they shared and learned from each other. While children had an neoteric English class on the USEH classroom. One posed a gesture and others guessed what words it is. One kid looked at the word card showed by the teacher, then jumped up, other kids shouted “Jumping” in chorus. All children raised their hands, they learned while having fun.  

  The arts show under way in a romantic, moving, great and happy atmosphere, all children had fun and lingered.

    One parent said that:" Such kind of activity is so good. The environment and service of USEH make us feel comfortable. It offers opportunity for kids to have fun while parents can exchange and share ideas. We would like to hold other activities like this here if any chance in future."


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