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Prof. Samuel Rong, CEO of CFCIE Visted the Longzhou Campus of Guangxi Normal Univerity for Nationlities
Hits:2576   Public Date:Thursday, June 28, 2012

At 9:00AM, May 15, 2012, Accompanied by Dr.Yang Huixing, Secretary-general of Western Returned Scholars Association of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region United Front Work Department, Prof.Samuel Rong,CEO of Canadian Foundation Center for Internatonal Education,and other four visitors drove from Nanning to visit the Guangxi Normal Univerity for Nationlities which located in Longzhou, Chongzuo. They were warmly received by the school Dean Prof. Yizhong and Derector Luo, derictor of the president office.

It is reported that this school has set up a new campus--- the Chongzuo campus and by now most students had moved to it. Prof.Yizhong said that according to the plan, all students will move to the new campus on September.After that, this campus will leave unused,so they decided to sell this campus to support the construction of the new campus.  

When Prof. Rong and other visitors arrived Longzhou at 11:30 AM, Prof.Yi and Director Luo were welcomed they at the school gate. As soon as sent foot into the campus, they felt a strong learning atmosphere of this school. Prof.Yi showed the visitors arounded the historical cave, library,student dining hall, teaching building, domitory, ground track field, playground and office building. etc.After walk around the campus, everyone learned deeply about the strong cultural and learning heritage of this school as well as the historical and humanism conotation of it. At the same time, they all understood why Prof.Yi was so treasured and reluctant to part from every blade of grass and every tree of this school. Prof.Yi said that:“Even if we decide to sell it , but I hope the people who take over it can continue to use it as a school, otherwise it will be a wasted.”     


Prof.Rong and Prof.Dean had a pleasant negotiation with each other and made a common view about the future usage of the campus.They all hoped to have a further dicussion about the cooperation mode and cooperation direction, so that to reach a win-win cooperation agreement of intent.

Backround imformation: the Guangxi Normal Univerity for Nationlities was established in 1993, and becamed an undergraduate academy in March 26, 2009. It has more than 50 majors and located in towndown of the Longzhou, Chongzuo. It  included two campuses, namely, the Longzhou campus and the Chongzuo campus  which cover an area of 200 mu ,these two campuses cover an area of 1043.93 mu together.


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