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Hits:1921   Public Date:Wednesday, June 20, 2012

  At 18:00, June 10th, 2012, two international teachers and eight Chinese staff that from Uncle Sam's English House(USEH) took part in the Xin Fuli Enterprises prospect presentation which held on the Ruyi Hall, Yong Kai Chun Hui hotel. On the presentation they performed the songs and dances that arranged by themselves which were highly commented by the audience and earned all their applause. 


Since 13:00 , the USEH staff began the make up and then went to the hotel and had the final rehearsal which last nearly 4 hours. However, it made no effect to their enthusiasm, each one of them still full of passion. They all rehearsed the performance actively, the dancer rehearsed the movements while the singers who would sang the song Pround of You recited the lyric and practiced their expression. They all hoped the performance can deeply impressed the audience as well as hoped them can know about the USEH image vividly and profoundly.  

The presentation was began at 19:00, after the passionated introduction by the host, the song Let the World Full of Love was heard, while an angel that dressed in white began dancing with the music. Both the melodious song and the elegant dance were  expressed love and wishes.

After Mrs. Xiao Yadan, the CEO of Xing Fuli, made her speech, the USEH staff performed the song Pround of You. The lyric “I can flyI'm proud that I can flyTo give the best of mineTill the end of the time” was full of the wishes to Mrs.Xiao and Xing Fuli, especially full of the expectation for themselves and the USEH future.


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