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Introduction of the projects in Guangxi University

As the first step in the cultivation of talents, the Sino-Canadian International School (SCIS) requires students to attend English professional courses in the first year and second year, finish the requirements of the Syllabus "solid basic skills", namely listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and other language skills, learn the moral education courses,which is the undergraduates' compulsory course required by the Ministry of Education and take some main courses as elective courses which are required in their future majors. Two years later, students would continue their study in different majors in Guangxi University for further professional learning. If students choose to study in Foreign Language College,English major, they are required to continue to study for another two years. After they finish all the courses and meets the requirements,students will receive a diploma and a bachelor's degree of English majors. Students who choose other majors are required to have a three-year professional learning. When students able to achieve the major requirements, they will have the major diploma, if students meet the requirements of a bachelor's degree will get a bachelor's degree. At the same time, in order to further enhance the learning of English after students leave SCIC, SCIS introduced a number of provisions focusing on the students who take the second major, Foreign Language College of Guangxi University provide following - up English curriculum as a second major for who choose to study in non-English majors. If the student is able to complete all the courses of the second major and obtain corresponding credits,he can get the diploma.

Through such mode, students of SCIC have strong competitiveness in both in postgraduate examinations and employment, capable to contribute to the economic development of Guangxi. This is a bold attempt of Guangxi University in the international compound talents training when facing English major reform, regional economic construction and social development of the 21st century.