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Introduction of CFCIE
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Canadian Foundation Center for International Education (CFCIE), with its head quarters in the Airport Corporate Center of Toronto, registered in Canada and operated internationally with the mission on the establishment of CFCIE's Chain Models of post secondary and secondary level educational institutes across China.

CFCIE, as a full member of the Canada-China Business Council for over a decade, is proud to have been a sponsor and member of the 2001 Team Canada visiting to China leading by Hon Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada, and culminated in the official signing of contracts establishing joint venture education programs Sino-Canadian International College (SCIC) & Sino-Canadian International School (SCIS) with universities and government organizations in China.

As a result of the chain models successfully opened in China in the year of 2001, CFCIE has created 14 jobs for native English Canadians teaching and working for CFCIE's chain programs in China in 2001. CFCIE has also hired 15 Canadian teachers in 2002 and the same numbers of native English teachers from Canada, UK, Australia and Americans in 2003 teaching for CFCIE's Model programs in our State of the Art facilities of SCIC and SCIS in China.

CFCIE is also proud to have been one of the eight platinum sponsors for the celebration of Canada and China 25th Anniversary of the Canada-China Business Council (CCBC) AGM and policy conference in Beijing on October 22, 2003, having Canadian Prime Minister Hon. Jean Chrétien and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao as the Gala Banquet Speakers, to which CFCIE invited 18 distinguished Guests from across China including Deputy Minister of Education of China, Mayor of Beijing, Party Secretary from several cities, Partners and associates of CFCIE, etc., to join the Canada China friendship celebration.

CFCIE's English Teachers comes from variety of background including both experienced professors and recent graduates of B.A., M.A. Ph.D. from universities in Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia as well as New Zealand, etc. Each year there are more than 100 applicants apply for the CFCIE English Faculty Team Members. They include talented faculties and graduates from world renowned universities such as University of Western Ontario, Waterloo University, University of Toronto, Queen university, University of British Colombia, Victoria University, Oxbridge University, Sunderland University, Stanford University, etc. There are also retired government officials; corporate executives from the above countries apply for the positions of CFCIE's programs in China.